VAMPS - KOKO - LONDON - 28/03/2014 - REVIEW


  1. In the end, I am not the least bit disappointed that I didn't get to go to this show (though there was only a very slight chance that I might have anyway). I don't really understand the motive VAMPS had behind organizing this gig. What was the point ? Could one show really benefit them financially or give them some recognition ? I doubt it. Instead of doing this one concert, they could have rather gotten back into the studio and finally started recording a new album. I hope that's what they're about to do now.

  2. I would like to say that if he really cares about the finance he has no need even bother to go far away to make money,each zepp live in Japan owns much much more than abroad live,not even to mention his major band L'Arc~en~Ciel(yes,they just held the live a week ago for two days attracting 160,000 audience)。And about new songs,vamps are preparing for the new album,maybe this summer will be out,including heavy songs really fit their live(information from their latest fanclub newspaper) hope you go to their live next time and then judge.LOL