This year's HYPER JAPAN will play host to a huge gathering of Japanese fashionistas and J-fashion enthusiasts alike thanks to HARAJUKU KAWAii!!, ASOBISYSTEM's fashion and culture event. HARAJUKU KAWAii!! looks to encompass the best of Tokyo's numerous street styles and trends emerging out of Harajuku, well known for its diverse, creative, and youthful fashions. The event is taking a world tour to bring a bit of Tokyo's cutest district to you, starting with London at HYPER JAPAN 2014!

They'll be bringing along some of Japan's top Harajuku models including Yura, Ayumi Seto, Neeko, and last year's favourite Yun*chi, amongst others for fashion shows, and more.

Advanced tickets for the event start at £12 and are available now at HYPERJAPAN.co.uk!

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