Despite these guys being on the scene since 2003, waterweed have managed to go pretty much undetected by the hardcore crowd outside of Japan, that is until the release of their 2013 album 'CICADA' where they truly proved that they were here to change up the game. In March next year the band let loose their new EP 'Ashes', and judging from the new live videos on record label maximum10's YouTube channel, this might be the release that waterweed needs to push them over the edge and into the line of sight of the international market. 




Fronted by the beast himself, HER NAME IN BLOOD are undoubtedly our most powerful band of 2014, with the release of their flawless self-titled album earlier in the year catching us completely off guard with it's killer riffs, delicious breakdowns, and explosive vocals from the one and only Ikepy. We're still not tired of this one, and I don't think we will be till they give us something new to sink our teeth into. The only way is up for these guys in the coming year!

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After the members of BEAT CRUSADERS parted ways in 2010, vocalist Toru Hidaka went at it solo until re-emerging in late 2012 with an all new entourage calling themselves THE STARBEMS. Looking like they just walked out a North London pub, decked out in denim jeans, Fred Perry shirts and Dr Martens boots, this hardcore/punk troop blew us away in 2014 with the release of their four track EP 'ULTRA RENEGADES' in June, only to do it all again later in the year with their 2nd album 'VANISHING CITY'. They've already toured the US and are truly making waves up and down Japan as we speak. Here's hoping they wash up on our shores sometime in 2015 to share some of the action.




Is it punk? Is it Emo? They call it “easycore”, we like to call it Monstermash Rock. Since these newcomers broke out their first mini-album 'Dance Pit Mother Fucker!!' back in 2013 we've kept an eye on this lot of masked sprogs, and after seeing them cause mayhem as they opened the first day of Knotfest Japan in November, we're glad we have been! Nearly missing out on a 2014 release, HenLee dropped their 2nd mini album 'DANCER'S PIT ANTHEM' (seeing a pattern emerge here?) at the end of last month and it certainly lives up to the title!




With a sound exuding that of some of Japan's biggest electronic rock and metal bands of the 90s and 2000s, newcomers CHRONOMETER have provided us with a nostalgia goldmine, with a truly worthy throwback to the old time greats of Boom Boom Satellites and Mad Capsule Markets in the form of their first album 'CONSTRUCTION OF DESTRUCTION'. With tour dates lined up for the coming year, we reckon these guys will be causing quite the ruckus by the time 2015 draws to a close.

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