For 16 years, FACT have put themselves at the forefront of Japanese hardcore, proving time and time again that they are the most creative band in the scene with every new release. Now, nearly two months after the release of their 6th studio album 'KTHEAT', the band have announced that they'll be throwing in the towel at the end of this year.

Some of the band's shining achievements include taking to the main-stage at Sonisphere Festival, playing the UK leg of Vans Warped Tour, and at the end of last year celebrating their 15th year anniversary by hosting 'Rock-O-Rama', a large scale one day festival at Makuhari Messe where they shared a stage with the likes of punk legends Ken Yokoyama, and Akihiro Namba (both of Hi-Standard fame), as well as some of Japan's best current underground hardcore acts.

In a statement released on their official site, FACT told fans that each member will be going on to other projects and ask for their support in the years ahead.

“We all plan to do our own things going forward, and I'm sure they'll be announced when the time is right - we'd love to be able to count on your support in our future projects too!”

I'm sure we can speak for a large portion of Japanese music fans here in the UK when we say that FACT helped introduce us to the country's world of rock, metal and hardcore, and as well as providing us with some of the most memorable tracks of the decade, paved the way for new up and coming acts to breakout into the international market. They will certainly be missed, but we look forward to seeing what the future holds for the members of one of the best bands to ever grace these shores.

FACT have also announced they'll be taking to the road for a final nationwide one man tour this September. Click here for more details. Here's their killer track 'wait'. Play it loud! 

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