Debuting in 2007 with their EP 'Killing The Earth Means Our Suicide', Osaka born hardcore 4-piece waterweed are, in our mind, one of the best bands to sneak under the radar of the international hardcore scene for so many years.

Need a proper endorsement? Label brethren FACT have been backing the band for years, plugging their name in interviews as well as having them share the stage at their 15th anniversary Rock-O-Rama festival last year along with Ken Yokoyama, HER NAME IN BLOOD and many more.

In 2013 waterweed dropped their first album 'CICADA'. Fast, aggressive, and full on, this album tore us a new one (here, have a taste). Now, after a two year wait, they've made their comeback with an all new EP, 'Ashes'. Though their sound has been toned down a shade, with less of the unbridled aggression seen in their past work, waterweed truly delivered yet another stellar release with some of the best tracks of their career to date.

Pick up Ashes now on iTunes for a measly £4.99, and/or watch the guys play the EP live in its entirety on maximum10's YouTube channel.

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