FOR FANS OF: Shina Ringo, Janis Joplin

During their gig at the Tokyo Kinema Club on May 17th, rock and blues pair GLIM SPANKY announced their long-awaited 1st major album release 'SUNRISE JOURNEY' on July 22nd.

Vocalist Remi Matsuo and guitarist Hiroki Kamemoto met during their high school days in Nagano prefecture, assembling in 2007 and getting their first break in 2009 when they were elected as finalists at Flash Riot, an all teenage rock festival that puts the freshest new acts head to head for a chance at one million yen and various new musical equipment.

Like young Brit Jake Bugg and Ireland's The Strypes, GLIM SPANKY ride the wave of the 1960s and 1970s guitar revival scene, with Remi's husky voice and Hiroki's bluesy rock guitar backing taking them to new heights, captivating audiences everywhere they go.

The duo will also be releasing their 2nd single 'Riaru Onigokko' at the beginning of July, which will feature in legendary filmmaker Sion Sono's latest ultra-violent feature length Riaru Onigokko, an adaptation of a novel by the same name.


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