Tokyo born never young beach released their first album 'YASHINOKI HOUSE' internationally on May 13th via record label Bayon production.

Starting up not even a year ago in August 2014, this young quintet (average age 23) are blending some of the best sounds of 70s and 80s Japanese folk rock with psychedelic pop, akin to that of Haruomi Hosono and his work in Happy End, and we're hooked on it. Producing their first tracks out of their home recording space and drifting from venues, shops and cafes across the country, never young beach are quickly making a name for themselves with the perfect chill tracks for the summer, capturing the vibes of the season in one of the most polished and pleasant albums of the year so far!

With the release of the album the band has also announced a 5-date countrywide tour starting June 13th at SOUND CRUE in Hokkaido and wrapping up on July 20th at Shibuya's O-nest.

YASHINOKI HOUSE is now available for MP3 download from Amazon.co.uk.


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