It’s been over 3 years since the release of their last album ‘DUM SPIRO SPERO’, but at long last, DIR EN GREY have announced they will be releasing their all new album ‘ARCHE’ later this year. Meaning “the origin” in Greek, ARCHE brings together DIR EN GREY’s past and future to create, according to the band, a sound unlike any album before it.
“We will end up with an absolutely new and different sound from DIR EN GREY as compared to the previous album” (Die), “No matter how I try to explain this “sound” with words I will never be able to do it” (Toshiya).

ARCHE is due for release on December 10th, but if you’re still in need of your DIR EN GREY fix, check out Kyo’s latest project sukekiyo during their first European tour starting September 13th!

You can pick up their latest single ‘SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH’ now from