Raw Power Festival, London’s three day celebration of all things noisy, returns this May for it’s 4th year after pulling in the festival’s biggest turn out to date in 2016.

Hosting visionary artists from across the globe, Raw Power will once again showcase some of the latest and greatest sounds to come out of Japan. From long awaited returns to rising stars on the UK’s underground circuit, this year is not one to be missed.

Afrirampo Raw Power Festival 2017Afrirampo

Returning for their first London show since 2009, Osaka born Afrirampo are notorious across Japan and abroad for their shocking performances and primitive sound.

Before parting ways in 2010, the duo toured with the likes of Sonic Youth, played alongside Yoko Ono, and collaborated with with fellow noise outfit Acid Mothers Temple. Reforming in 2016 after a six year hiatus, Afriampo have continued their reign of terror with shows across Japan, introducing new tracks to their setlist along the way.

Highly regarded as one of the shining staples in Japanese noise punk, this isn’t a set you want to be missing.

Never Ending Afrirampo

Never Ending Afrirampo

Release Date: 02/03/2011
Label: KRE
Get at: CDJapan | Spotify | iTunes

qujaku Raw Power Fesival 2017qujaku

Dishing out deep psychedelic cuts since forming in Shizuoka back in 2013, qujaku are quickly becoming staples on the UK’s underground circuit. Sitting in the middle of shoegaze and outright noise, the band have created a maddeningly loud yet sombre sound that blends violent and delicate melodies, heavy but stable rhythms with darker gothic elements thrown in for good measure.

In 2016 qujaku released their first single KEIREN and took to the road for a successful UK tour. Now in 2017 the band dropped their new limited press EP H on April 16th via So I Buried Records, and now they’re taking on their biggest European tour to date spanning 25 shows across five countries.

qujaku KEIREN artwork


Release Date: 12/05/2016
Label: So I Buried Records
Get at: Norman Records | Soundcloud


JAPANESE NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL is a conceptual celebration of noise featuring of some of Japan’s greatest names in the genre.

Completely uncategorisable and kind of hard to get your head around, this trio formed of Ruins’ Tatsuya Yoshida, and Acid Mothers Temple’s Atsushi Tsuyama and Makoto Kawabata, will take you through an entire eight act line-up between just the three members.

Tearing apart and mixing music from a number of genres including classical, prog rock, jazz and psychedelic, JAPANESE NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL showcases the members’ rich wealth of musical knowledge.

Kicking off their European tour this May, the line-up for this year will include Ruins Alone, Acid Mothers Temple SWR, Akaten, Zoffy, Zubi Zuva X, Psyche Bugyo, Atsushi Tsuyama Solo, Makoto Kawabata Solo.

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