The GazettE have been at the forefront of the Japanese rock scene for a long time now, with their name being one of the first that comes to mind when Visual Kei is brought up in conversation. On August 29th the band released their sixth studio album, DIVISION, which marked the band’s formation over 10 years ago.

We talked with GazettE frontman, Ruki, to find out a little bit more about the band and how they’ve developed over their musical career, spanning an entire decade.

First of all I would like to say congratulations on your 10 year anniversary, and the release of DIVISION in Europe! When you started out did you ever think you would make it this big?

I’ve never imagined myself doing a band for 10 years! (laughs)

Some bands don’t even last half the time you guys have been together. How have you managed to stay so strong as a unit over all these years?

There is no secret. But the band is a part of our lives and we don’t think about its end. We only think about keeping on moving forward.

Your sound is always evolving, which is obvious to anyone who has listened to your previous albums. Do you think you’ve hit the height of your musical development with DIVISION, or have you got more tricks up your sleeves?

We’re always moving forward so we can’t compare our current work with earlier ones. It’s just that our scope of music is expanding, and we think we continue to evolve naturally.

Since the release of your 2011 album TOXIC, we’ve started to hear more electronic/Dub Step sounds in some of your songs. What made you decide to add these elements to your music?

Basically I like the bass sounds distorted like electro or dub-step. Perhaps that influenced me.

Speaking of TOXIC, it hasn’t even been a year since that album saw the light of day. How did you manage to create DIVISION in such a short amount of time? Did you come into any difficulties along the way?

Personally, I feel that I have been able to include what I had not been able to fully accomplish in TOXIC. It took a lot of work in such a short time, but the making process itself was a fulfilling one.

As a band, what has been the hardest challenge you’ve faced these past 10 years and why?

We’re always taking on difficult tasks, so there’s no certain thing particularly challenging.

What have been your best experience from these past 10 years? Have you been moved by any particular moments during your musical careers?

Hmm. Difficult question. #1 is definitely the fact of being appreciated as a band! (laughs)

Do you have any plans to tour Europe in the near future?

We would love to!

And finally, do you have any words for our readers and your fans?

We see many people coming from Europe to Japan to see us, so we feel that now it’s our turn to visit you- keep your fingers crossed! Thank you always for your support and messages!