FOR FANS OF: Dropkick Murphys, The Blue Hearts

For decades Japan has been one of the world’s top exporters of quality punk rock acts from 80s stars The Blue Hearts and THE STALIN, and into the 90s with Teengenerate. But if there is one thing the land of the rising sun has lacked over the years it’s the sound of Oi/street punk bands like America’s Rancid or Dropkick Murphys, the UK’s 4-Skins or Germany’s Oxymoron. Luckily, THE DISASTER POINTS are here to fill that void.
This street punk foursome have been operating in the heart of Osaka since 2007, spreading their message of the plight of the working class drifter and earning themselves the title of Osaka’s #1 (and possibly only) street punk band. Last year they joined independent label CATCH ALL RECORDS which homes a number of punk up-and-comers as well as being the stepping stone for top pop punkers TOTALFAT and Northern19, where they released their 3rd single ‘HOMEWARD BOUND’.
Now after eight years THE DISASTER POINTS will be releasing their 1st album ‘FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE’ on June 3rd, and will feature newly recorded versions of their 3 singles including tracks from the 2008 debut release ‘SING ALONG FOREVER’ as well as all new songs ‘BREAKING BAD BLUES’ and ‘DO NOT LET ME DOWN’.

FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE is now available for pre-order from and you can check out THE DISASTER POINTS previous work over on YouTube and SoundCould.