Earlier this year it was announced that Die of DIR EN GREY fame would be stepping into new territory and taking the reigns on new side project, DECAYS. Accompanied by THE NOVEMBERS frontman Kobayashi Yusuke, and MOON CHILD drummer Kei, plus two all new members, the band dropped their first release on July 23rd.
Expecting a single? Maybe an EP? Well it’s neither, but rather their debut music video ‘Secret mode’. Released by FIREWALL DIV., it’s a far cry from the work of their primary units, DECAYS take on a groovy electro rock style akin to that of Boom Boom Satellites.

Later this month DECAYS will commence their first 3-date, and completely sold out, nationwide tour ‘THE GROWTH TO DECAY’ in Tokyo alongside sukekiyo and FAKE?.
Secret mode is now available worldwide on iTunes for £1.89, or you can catch it on YouTube while it’s still up.