On Monday, Queer Japan, an independent multimedia documentary that focuses on artists, activists, community leaders, and everyday individuals in Japan who are breaking the cultural norms of gender and sexuality, reached it’s $45K goal on Kickstarter.

Directed by LA filmmaker Graham Kolbeins and NYC based translator, writer, and producer Anne Ishii (both of which run the gay manga-inspired clothing brand and publishing house MASSIVE GOODS), Queer Japan is a celebration of queer expression across a country that for many years has rejected the LGBTQ+ community, providing an intimate look into the everyday triumphs and struggles of being a sexual minority in modern Japan.

Already they have collected a week’s worth of interviews with the likes of gay manga artist Gengoroh Tagame, drag queen Vivienne Sato, artist Rokudenashiko (who made international headlines when she was arrested for e-mailing 3D scanner data of her vulva), and HIV activist and magazine editor Hiroshi Hasegawa.

The funds will go towards a further five months of shooting in Japan, as well as art exhibitions and a photo book with extended interviews to go alongside the feature length documentary. It’s due out sometime in 2017 and will play at film festivals across America and Japan with hopes of a theatrical release soon after.

For more information check out the Queer Japan Kickstarter page.

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