Electronic rock team AA= have released their new track ‘→MIRAI→ (POST MIRAI)’ worldwide via iTunes. MIRAI is the first song done in collaboration with J.M. from psychoactive art punk duo, 0.8 Byou to Shougeki (0.8Syooogeki), and was featured in the latest commercial for MODE GAKUEN, one of Tokyo’s leading vocational fashion schools.

The single’s artwork was designed by esteemed creative unit shichigoro, who’s art has attained numerous awards worldwide, and has been featured in conjunction with Australian fashion brand Black Milk Clothing.

AA= are an all star cast, tearing onto the scene with the release of their first album ‘#1’ back in 2009. Consisting of half of celebrated digital hardcore band THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS, AA= are bassist, programmer and song writer Takeshi Ueda (ex-Mad Cap), guitarist Minoru Kojima (ex-Mad Cap), drummer Nobuaki Kaneko (RIZE), and lead vocals Takayoshi Shirakawa (BACK DROP BOMB).

MIRAI is now up for grabs on iTunes, and while you’re there, check out AA=’s killer discography if you haven’t already.