HER NAME IN BLOOD have announced the withdrawal of drummer Umebo (Shigeki Nakazato) from the band after he was arrested for possession of marijuana earlier this week.

Soon after returning from their first ever European tour alongside German electrocore unit Eskimo Callboy, news came out via Japanese music news sites that the long time member of Tokyo’s metalcore unit had been arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department. Japan is notorious for it’s strict drugs laws, with possession of marijuana carrying a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

With the news HNIB have also cancelled the remaining shows in the nationwide leg of their BAKEMONO TOUR 2016 and BAKEMONO TOUR FINAL MATCH. In an official statement posted to the band’s website, their management TRIPLE VISION ENTERTAINMENT said…

“We sincerely apologise from the bottom of our hearts about the coverage of the arrest of UMEBO (Shigeki Nakazato), HER NAME IN BLOOD drummer for possession of marijuana, to all our fans and persons concerned for the great inconvenience and concern caused.

As a result of repeated discussions with the band members, staff, principals and their families today, the contract with UMEBO will be cancelled and on December 10, 2016 (Saturday) will withdraw from the band. HER NAME IN BLOOD will refrain from activities for the time being.”

Fans and friends have taken to Twitter in defense of Umebo including Joy Opposites frontman Adam Graham saying…

“I understand it’s “within the law”, but what are the police doing when there are drunk people fighting each other everyday? Is their job really this unfulfilling? Seems they’re not educated enough or something…. hang in there, Umebo.”

Umebo has been with the band since starting out in 2007 with 2017 marking their 10 year anniversary. In September they released their major debut album BAKEMONO under Warner Music Japan.

PHOTOS: HER NAME IN BLOOD, The Borderline, London, 16/11/2016

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